Over the past 10+ years I have started countless side projects - with the majority not leaving a Trello board!

Below is a list of the side projects that DID leave the idea stage, with the large majority even having a codebase, website and domain behind them as well.

If you would like to know more about any of these, please get in touch and lets chat!


  • Buy and Sell SOLD
    Market place software - based (and sold on) Codecanyon
  • PostPants SOLD
    Get underwear and socks with crazy designs sent to you monthly. Sold directly to our suppliers after they tried to copy our idea and failed!


  • SimpleAnalytics Failed
    Simple, easy to use analytics software - again sold on Codecanyon. Failed due to lack of time and interest.


  • Block Builder Failed
    Upload a picture (we got 50% brand logos, 50% 🍆) and system would give you instructions to build it with Lego. Side Project failed, but turned into something a lot bigger with my new Company I had just created.


    Mobile application that allowed users to get information on Crypto (mostly Bitcoin back then). Had games where users can win Crypto instantly. Hit 1 million downloads in a year, sold as Bitcoin was getting too expensive to run with project.
  • TheQuad Failed
    A site for developers to post what their working on and questions - mostly to scratch the itch that Forrst left after going down hill after being acquired. Got 20+ very active users very quickly but didn't grow after that.


  • CCN Failed
    Spin off on CBN - this time focusing on Ethereum. Failed due to lack of time.


  • SQOD Failed
    Football quiz app - with a large collection of quizzes, focusing on upto date quizzes. Got upto the number 1 sports app in the UK but failed due to low profits and high costs.
  • SimpleAnalytics Failed
    Tried this again as people seemed to be going down the host it yourself route of analytics. Failed again 🤷‍♂️


  • Cocktail - Home App Prototype
    Cocktail recipe app - with the ability to see what you can make at home with in your home bar. Some big cocktail brands interested in funding, but lack of time meant this is on the back burner!
  • Follow my project Failed
    Allow users to post updates on their projects. Scratched my itch, but didn't get any long term users.
  • Email Soccer SOLD
    Football manager - but over email.