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Mass data creation with factories - engage the warp drives!

  • Thu 18 Mar, 2021


Creating data using factories is a great convenience when working with seeding test databases - but it's very slow for big datasets you might want to create. Let's speed it up!

Controlling videos with Alpinejs

  • Mon 01 Mar, 2021


Alpinejs is a tiny Javascript framework that lets us sprikle in different behaviour that you would usually see in big frameworks like Vuejs - but at a much lower cost. Load in the Alpinejs script from a CDN and the full 6.4kb libary is yours.

2hr Side Project - Cineify

  • Fri 15 Jan, 2021


I like watching movies online (shhhhh) but more often than not my goto for finding them has been poor. Check out Cineify - which uses the amazing YTS teams API and to create a "Popcorn Time" lite version 🛠