2hr Side Project - Cineify

  • Fri Jan, 2021


I like watching movies online (shhhhh) but more often than not my goto for finding them has been poor. Check out Cineify - which uses the amazing YTS teams API and Instant.io to create a "Popcorn Time" lite version 🛠

My goals for this project where the following:

  • Play with the YTS API (popular torrenting site)
  • No server code
  • Needs to look decent enough

And to make things more fun - I gave myself just 2 hours to go from nothing to something!

Check out the video below of me building the start of the system - and marvel at how quick Vuejs and Tailwind can really be!

Quite a lot done in the first hour! We've written the barebones of the app and got a prototype out the door! Here is a quick GIF of what you can do so far:

The system isn't finished, but we'll spend the last hour building in the little features like finding out if the torrent is healthy and fixing the search - but for now it does the job!

Obviously I've not got this running myself online as its naughty (👀)- but feel free to clone the repo yourselves or deploy it directly to Netlify 😜